Single-use Power Tools

Insurgical has reimagined how orthopedic surgical power tools are made and delivered to bring unparalleled levels of efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness to the OR. Our single-use power tools feature world-class power and come pre-tested, terminally sterilized, and ready to go.


Overcoming OR Equipment Challenges

Traditional power tools and battery systems can come with high upfront costs and ongoing sterilization and maintenance expenses. They can also fail at a critical moment which can cause a case delay or cancellation.

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Introducing the Insurgical Solution

The Insurgical large bone power tools are single-use tools that are provided pre-tested, terminally sterilized, and ready to use. Surgical facilities simply stock a small supply, use them as needed, and return used tools to the factory via an easy returns process.

We’ve reduced upfront costs and ongoing maintenance costs with our pay-as-you-go solution. You only pay for what you bring into your inventory and we take care of the sterilization and recycling of the equipment we receive back from you.